About the Project


The main goal of the project is to help growers face the challenges of climate extremes by improving the health of their soils. The health of soils is linked to improved water retention and microbial function which help to buffer against the impacts of extreme climate.


To know what agricultural practices best improve soil health we rely on growers to provide us with samples and information from their fields (see Data). Researchers from the Texas Tech University Climate Science Center collect and analyze the data and share these with the growers. We further believe effective communication within the grower community helps growers make the best management decision (see Ask a Question).

The Grower Citizen Science Network:

The Grower Citizen Science Network involves growers from the semi-arid region of west Texas. These growers use mainly sustainable agricultural practices. We seek to expand this network, including growers that farm conventionally (tilling etc.). If you are interested in participating and learning from scientists and other growers, please click here.

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